Jordan Lodge of Good Companions

Established in 1810


Jordan Lodge No.201

The warrant of the Jordan Lodge is dated 25th April 1810 and bears the number 268. It was the custom at that time for the then Grand Lodge of the Ancients to revive or re-issue dormant Warrants allowing the number of the original Warrant to stand and to be used by another Lodge. The last known Lodge bearing the number 268 and dated 9th November 1791 met at The Unicorn, Hillgate, Stockport, Cheshire. The last known meeting of that Lodge is recorded as 8th August 1805. There is no record of this number being held by another Lodge until it was allocated to Jordan Lodge in 1810.

The founders of Jordan Lodge were:

  • Richard Wilson, Fishmonger
  • William Jordan, Victualler
  • J B Unwin, Surgeon
  • Robert Warman, Artist
  • W White, Painter
  • Joseph Gaskin, Laceman
  • J Murphy, Gentleman
  • Arthur Edwards, Gentleman
  • Samuel Hill, Confectioner.

The Lodge met for the first time five days after the date of the Warrant on the 30th April 1810 at The Northumberland Head. Fort Street, Old Artillery Ground, Spital Square, London. 

It was not the custom at that time to hold a Consecration Ceremony on the foundation of the Lodge but to proceed to hold a first meeting when an eminent Brother, designated by Grand Lodge, occupied the chair as Master.

At the first meeting of Jordan Lodge, W.Bro Ronalds acted as Master. He was a member of Lodge No.10 which now bears the name of the Royal Athelstan Lodge No.19. At the meeting Bro. Ronalds installed Bro. Richard Wilson as Master, Bro. William Jordan as Senior Warden and Bro. James Brown Unwin as Junior Warden. The only other officer appointed was Bro. Edwards as Treasurer.

It was decided that the Lodge should meet on the second Thursday in every calendar month.  The fees were originally fixed at:

“Joinings” from any other Ancient Lodge5s.0d
“Joinings” from any other Constitution£1. 0s.0d

In addition, “dues” of 1/- were paid at each meeting.

The two Grand Lodges, those of the Ancients and Moderns, united on 27th December 1813 to form the United Grand Lodge of England. As a consequence, on the 12th January 1815 the Lodge became No.338 and was formally named Jordan Lodge. The number of the Jordan Lodge was changed in 1863 to No.201 which it has held to this day.

Jordan Lodge of Good Companions No.201

During the early years of the 21st Century both Jordan Lodge and the Lodge of Good Companions suffered from a decline in members able to attend.  This was due to the sad loss of a large number of older Brethren. After a short period of negotiation, it was decided to amalgamate the two lodges, combing the two names and retaining the number 201.

The amalgamated Jordan Lodge of Good Companions No.201 met for the first time on March 2012.


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